✦ Emnide's Commissions ✦

status is closed, comms are being reworked! they probably wont be properly open again until late fall/winter, and even then i will take these very limited. sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for checking out this site!

After you pick a type of commission, show me a piece I've drawn before to recreate its style! Carrd better viewed on desktop // all prices in USD

🌈 Would I Draw This Thing? 🌈

If unsure I can fulfill your request, I suggest asking me first if I would draw something before thinking of commission type. I won't get mad and will gently let you know if I am unable to do something, and if you'd like you can choose something else :>

I can draw it

-ocs, fanart, oc x canon (oh hell yeah)
-suggestive @
-nsfw @ (you must be 18+)
-light wounds and any amount of blood
-complex designs + mechanical
-full environments
-click the image for more on furries
@ only for adult characters

I won't draw it

-offensive content
-gore (insides, heavy wounds, etc)
-inc/st, p/dophillic, etc ships. no 'gray zone' ships either
-old people, beards, I am just bad at drawing them sorry
-rudeness = instant refusal
-i have the right to refuse any commission for any reason without stating why

☁️ Random Stuff I Like ☁️

Want to commission me but unsure what for? Here are some random things I love drawing:
-Demon/angel/vampire characters
-These aesthetics: glam, techwear, futuristic, beach, nightclub, kei.. Honestly anything chara with a honed aesthetic I enjoy!
-Prettyboys / ikemen
-Cute girl -blushes-
-fanart of things I like (Genshin, FE3H, Saiki, BNHA, etc..)
-the power of platonic pairings
-closed species designs

🌈 Commission Terms of Service 🌈

▸ Full payment upfront over PayPal. If the commission total is over 250 USD, we can discuss splitting it over course of the commission progress. I will send an invoice, it must be paid within the time discussed. Failure to pay will result in me moving onto the next commission I am interested in.▸ Failure to abide by payment plan will land you in my public blacklist. Discuss with me if you need adjustments!▸ Full refund is available within the first 3 days if I have started. After I send a thumbnail for approval, only half refund is available. After the sketch has been approved there are no refunds. (For commissions that are only a sketch, there is no refund after the sketch is shown).▸ Read my 'info + process' page about revisions.▸ I take between 1 week to 2 months to finish a commission, depending on the circumstances and complexity. Very complex commissions may take longer. If needed by a certain time, please ask (may charge if very close deadline, larger charges for closer due dates).▸ I will only draw if sufficient visual references are available.▸ Personal commissions cannot have commercial usage unless agreed upon first. Unauthorized commercial use and/or refusal to pay or cooperate will end up in me filing a DMCA against you and putting you on a public blacklist.▸ I can use the commission in any way I want, including posting, advertising, portfolios, artbooks, etc, without stating your username in the description. Exceptions can be made during the ordering process, but please remember the art is mine no matter what.▸ I may have to take some artistic liberties while drawing and change / remove parts if absolutely necessary. Not taking these liberties compromises the rest of the drawing, though you can ask to have something changed back/included.▸ I may charge extra for anything, even things not listed here or on the commission sheets. I will specify what the extra charge is for.▸ Never claim my art as your own. When sharing my work publically, always credit using "Emnide". Linking to my social media is appreciated but not needed.▸ Tips do not count towards character art value. They are taken simply as a donation/gift!▸ I like to be casual when I talk to clients, but I always take business and transactions very seriously. Please do not take my lighthearted talk as a reason to sidestep my boundaries or get something for free!

🌈 Commmercial Use 🌈

Type 1 - Art is not the main product, only for support
-Profile Pictures, profile banners, song covers, splash art, ask if unsure
-additional 50-100% fee
Type 2 - Art is the main product
-Charms, posters, stickers, postcards, other merchandise
-additional 100-200% fee
Commercial fees apply to monetized products/accounts, as in you are gaining from my work. If you want to use your personal commission for commercial or your products were free but are now monetized, you must contact me and pay the fee!

🌈 Character Complexity 🌈

Even a high complex design in a messy style may cost less than a simpler design in a very clean style. Rendering level is taken into consideration with price too! This only applies to painterly/illustration stylesCompare these examples to your own character to help estimate the cost! However, detail level is subjective and the final cost may not match this guide as expected. Something seemingly simple may actually be difficult to draw and vice versa.Examples of things that may add cost: special materials (water, crystals, etc), extra limbs, complex outfit layering, crests, crammed detail, patterns, etc...

☁️ Lower range ☁️

☁️ Mid range ☁️

☁️ Higher range (and beyond, depending on the request) ☁️

🌈 Prop Complexity 🌈

Very simple props like simple flowers and food would be $5-15, but once it gets more complex it starts to climb. Again, art style influences pricing, as well as how you want the prop used and angled.

I would add on $10-50 for these:

I would add on $50-150+ for these (and maybe even more depending on the angle and what you have in mind):

🌈 Character Drawings 🌈

-Props are add-ons
-Simple environment backgrounds (not fully immersive, pretty flat) +$10-30
-Transparent/plain/simple shape backgrounds are free
-Immersive, detailed, fleshed-out backgrounds cross over into being an illustration
-Each character is considered and priced according to their own design and amount drawn
-For fullbodies, I may propose some thumbnails that may crop out parts of the character for a bolder composition. You can always ask for them to be shown in full again during the sketch phase.

I price things on a range. most designs are simple enough to fall on the lower end, but check the link below just in case!

Lower end

-simpler designs
-messier drawing/painting styles

Higher end

-complex designs
-clean lineart
-thorough rendering and shading
-detailed painting styles

☁️ Tempura Style ☁️

These sorts of cartoony proportions! I tend to do a clean lined style

🌷 Headshot-bust 🌷


🌷 Half-Thighs 🌷


🌷 Fullbody🌷


☁️ Barbeque Style ☁️

These sorts of more realistic proportions! I tend to do a painterly style
for halfbody/fullbody examples, please go to my illustrations panel, as i usually only draw fullbody for full environment artworks

🌷 Headshot-bust 🌷


🌷 Half-Thighs 🌷


🌷 Fullbody🌷


🌈 Illustrations 🌈

These are drawings with fully immersive environments!With illustrations, the price is decided through considerations like:
-how much the character is drawn
-chara count
-environment and lighting
-props, decorations, posing, etc... just about anything there is within a drawing
-each character is considered and priced according to their own design and amount drawn
Just show me a piece I did before so I know which style to recreate! More refined/cleaner styles take longer and will be on the higher price side!

Lower end

-simpler designs
-messier/simpler rendering styles
-room to make scribbles in place of details ((smiles weakly))

Higher end

-complex designs
-clean lineart
-all details rendered out

🌷 illustration 🌷

few charas, easy environment, rougher style: $300-600+

more charas, complex environment, cleaner style: $600-1000+

For most of these illustrations below, I would charge $350-550

note: none of these are ship art ((sobs))

🌈 Chibi/Merch Styles 🌈

Details are heavily compressed and prices depend on design complexity, props, and extra decorations! Squishing the design into a small space also takes extra time and consideration.Have your commissioned design made into a physical charm:
-$30+shipping ($4 USA, $13 int)
-3 charms made, discuss with me about ordering more
-Legumes style: 2in // Grilled Cheese style - 2.5in
-Glitter epoxy or flat

☁️ Legumes Style ☁️

Absolute Baby, simple pose, very simple decorations possible


☁️ Grilled Cheese Style ☁️

These proportions, more posing flexibility, can have more decoration


☁️ Custom Design ☁️

Price depends on art type and design complexity! All are fullbody. I lean towards creating detailed designs. Starting prices are for flat artwork, front view only.Add ons, such as extra expressions, weapons, alternate design features, diagrams, etc.. will incur an extra fee.If you allow me to go 'free reign' then please be open-minded with what you receive!Themes I work best with:
-Colorful, wacky, casual
-Traditional East Asia
-Luxury, modern
-Futuristic, techwear
-"-core" themes found on tumblr. ex: weirdcore, kidcore, arcadecore, etc...
-Most modern / trendy themes
-Genshin/Honkai like

☁️ Fulbody ☁️

+ $20-50 cleaned up art, regular shading
+ $100 painterly rendering

☁️ Cartoony ☁️

+ $10-20 simple shading

☁️ Chibi ☁️

+ $10-20 simple shading

☁️ Quick Sketch ☁️

If you're looking for something really quick, I can do a quick sketch for you! It'll be barebones concept and very messy, but will have a much lower price~ The expectation is that you'll go forward with this design concept to polish it in your own time!Please allow artistic freedom and be open minded with what you get. Only very minimal revisions, such as solid color changes, and even that will be messy!

🌈 Extra Options 🌈

For commissions like:Copic artwork, sketch commissions (traditional or digital), or any other paid work you have in mind, feel free to dm me and let me know about the details and I will see if I can take it on!I do not draw anything for free. I do not do art trades or take designs for payment either. Sorry!If you're looking to invite me to a project, zine, guest design, etc.. do let me know! If you were hoping I'd join your project then I would suggest just messaging me about it and I will see if I am available ^_^

☁️ Dress Up (Add-on only) ☁️

ONLY for pre-existing designs, and ONLY as an add-on. This is a pay-what-you-want option. You can give me a theme, but the design is entirely on my own accord and freedom. Little to no revisions or changes, otherwise I will add fees to match the price of custom designs.Acceptable request: "A breezy, summer outfit."
Too much: "A summer outfit with a translucent red jacket that bunches at the bottom, with golden patterns on it and this collar shape..."

Dress-up semi-custom:
$20-60 pay what you want. Higher payment, more time spent designing the outfit
-Give me a theme, after that, I have all freedom with the design
-simple =/= easy. Paying more for a simple theme will mean I'll spend more time making the outfit more harmonious and unique!
Keep in mind this is different from a custom character design. I am freely just doing whatever I want with the theme you give me, and it'll be a rather simplistic design!

Free: Generic plain T-shirts, hoodies, dress shirt and tie, and dresses. A more thought-out version of this or anything other than that entices a fee.

If you want me to put a complex character design in super simple generic clothing, I may actually reduce the pricing! This does not apply to anything else that's not a generic plain T-shirt, hoodie, dress shirt and tie, or dress.

☁️ Crappy Doodle ☁️

Some people surprisingly ask to buy this type, but you cannot buy it, it materializes out of random. simply wish upon a shooting star.......

☁️ Info ☁️

Regular Commissions: closedOn-demand commissions can be asked. They are done despite closed commission status but require a 2x price increase. These only close if I don't have my setup.Sometimes commissions are FCFS, other times they are by application. I will state what type with each commission opening!I like to experiment with my art a lot, with things like lines, colors, etc... The only thing that I tend to keep consistent is bodily proportions! After you pick a comm type, show me a piece I've drawn before to recreate its style! However, I cannot guarantee that it will match EXACTLY but I will do my best. Likewise, if you allow me to draw however I'd like for the piece, please be open-minded in what you will receive, as I tend to experiment a lot.

☁️ Price Order of Operations ☁️

Commission price order of operations:
[ (Base art + add ons) x (commercial usage fee if applies) x (on-demand/rush fee if applies) ] + revisions

☁️ Process ☁️

▸ Let me know the following:
-if for personal or commercial use
-references (must have at least one visual)
-commission type (if unsure, feel free to ask what type your request would fall under)
-how much of the character is drawn
-any props/backgrounds/special requests
-the vision of the art you have in mind if applicable
-moodboards, songs, etc... bonus bits
▸ I will then give you a quote. If you accept, I will send an invoice through PayPal. Can split payments over progress if total is over $250.▸ I may take a few days to a month to start your commission, depending on my queue and complexity. I will send wips along the way.▸ More wips will be sent for more complex pieces. For simple headshots, I may send only one or two, for complex drawings I may send four or more, and so on▸ With each wip, you're free to ask for small revisions on anything new present. Be aware that if you accept a wip, I will move forward, and requesting changes from something evident in the wip before that may entice an extra fee. Large revisions may also come with a fee, depending on what it is.▸ I will send you the final piece! I allow free small two revisions at this point unless I have made some horribly tragic mistake (ex: putting the thumb on the wrong side of the hand. Making the color of a hat lighter does not count as this). After that, more revisions may entice a fee.wip = work in progress, a screenshot of your commission's progress so far

☁️ Revisions ☁️

Small revision -> slight color shift, small detail change, expression change, etcBig revision -> clothing change, pose change, lighting change, background change, etcHorrible mistake revision -> happens if I put thumb on wrong side of hand, make backwards knees, that sort. Keep in mind color shifts in the design don't count as this, as personal palette interpretation comes with my art style. Likewise, incorrect details that come from a messy reference sheet do not count as this.i do not take big revisions on final pieces. It is far too late my friend

☁️ Designer TOS ☁️

If you own a design by me, please abide by these TOS! Be respectful of me and my work and respect these wishes :>If the design is part of a closed species, you are to follow the closed species' TOS foremostUSAGE
▸ You are free to choose a name, gender, personality, etc
▸ Designs are for personal use. For commercial use, contact me first! Commercial fees will apply.
▸ Do not use my designs for the following content: racism, p/edophilla, inc/st, etc. I understand characters may hold dark topics in their stories, but I am very uncomfortable with these usages
▸ You do not need to credit me in the caption every time you draw the design. However, your character reference / profile / TH page must credit me as the designer!
▸ Do not claim the design as yours
▸ You can create NSFW using the design, as long the character is of age and theres nothing problematic going on
▸ You can convert the design to a closed species design. Be sure to follow the closed species' TOS!
▸ Minor edits can be made to my artwork. Please state it as 'design by Emnide, edits by me'
▸ Giving makeup, new accessories or an entirely new outfit is fine!
▸ You are allowed to edit anything. If the design is given to a new owner, they are allowed to 'revert' and use the original design I made
▸ Redesigns are allowed
▸ Banned edits: Lightening skintone. However, darkening the skintone is fine
▸ If you are not on ToyHouse to transfer, please DM me about the transfer so I can keep track!
▸ Do not sell the design for a higher price than you paid for
▸ Additional commissions add to the value
▸ The design can be gifted or traded, and if so it loses all monetary value up to that point. From that point forward, the design is only tradable/giftable unless value is added from art commissions
▸ Include the transparent PNG when transferring. If you received a design without the high res PNG, dm me and I can give it to you!